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Rant: Reclaiming Quickies

Been a while, indeed. In trying to stay recent with the times (hah, fat chance of that happening), I've taken the opportunity to look at other games not on my list of things to do while looking back at some older titles I've neglected for more reasons than I can count.

I know, I'm horribly behind on everything, but oh well.

Quartett!: I somehow missed the release of the english patch for this brilliant game, and as such I want to present it here. Zalas, who is a senpai of mine in the eroge world, was involved in the localization process. Can't really help with distributing anything, so all I can do is encourage those who want to play the game without having a kanji dictionary in hand to give the patch a whirl. Makes a game that was worthwhile even moreso.

Toraba!: In what seems to be strike three for BootUp!, we have a return to the classic love-ero formula that made the AneImo games popular in this recent release.

The story focuses on Shunsuke, the only son of the Imamura family whose parents work abroad. Because of this, the two women who kind of look after him are his next door neighbors, Ren (the widow next door) and Ai (Ren's daughter). As would be expected of an oyako-type eroge, both Ren and Ai have a thing for our protagonist, and as the story begins to move forward, Shunsuke has to decide which of them he wants to be with. At the same time, we have additional heroines joining the fray to help make this a complete eroge.

So far, I'm not very impressed. Ren's route is okay until you realize the writers over-thought certain parts of her situation with the protagonist; mostly the fact that (unlike other games with mother characters that are purposely ambiguous about this) Ren and the protagonist's mom were schoolmates and are thus the same age, and that Shunsuke's attraction to Ren stems from the fact he and his own mother don't have the best of relationships. Her age is treated as a bit of a joke (Ren's character intro voice sample even has her say "Let's not talk about age..."), but becomes a mentioned concern during the climax to Ren's story.

The casting choices are somewhat questionable. Mostly Kawashima Rino playing Ren, but then, I'm so used to seeing Kawashima-san play onee-san characters that perhaps I haven't accepted her transition to mother character. On the other hand, Shunsuke himself notes that Ren and Ai look more like sisters rather than mother and daughter, so the casting decisions may have been made to compliment that.

At least Fujimori Yukina and Oukawa Mio are also in this game to liven things up. That aside, BootUp! decided to work with someone other than Shinonome Kazuhiko for the game's artwork. Still don't know how to feel about that, since the artwork is a bit on the odd side.

Doutei na Joshi-tachi to Boku: From the "wasted potential" bin, we have this game from MBS Truth that touches a very interesting concept but then bogs it down with yaru elements instead of further developing the idea.

The game focuses on Yukito, a high school kid that after a freak occurrence involving a train accident finds himself in a parallel world where the roles of men and women are for the most part reversed. Women are the "dominant" gender (they are sexually aggressive, indiscriminate, are the breadwinners, and so on) while men are the "fairer sex" (reserved, associated with housework, are expected to have "male modesty", even the men's bathrooms are pink with flowers). Not long after overcoming the shock, he meets a cat demon named Mimi who explains that he was actually killed in the accident, but because he was not supposed to die yet, she tried to save his life. In doing so, reality was warped to its "current" state.

The big premise is that Yukito has about 30 days to impregnate one girl of his choosing to somehow be able to restore the world to normal, or have his spirit collected and sent to heaven or hell. Of course, the challenge comes in the fact that while several girls are interested in the protagonist, his indecisiveness towards them does nothing to help matters (much to Mimi's chagrin). And so, the journey begins...

I'm currently 3/8, and so far I'm iffy on this. One route in particular had elements VERY relevant to our protagonist's situation and a rather touching ending, while the other two played on character traits to move the game along. Again, the concept is very interesting, but meh...

Featured Character:

Name: Maple
Game: Hime to BOIN
Voiced by: Tamiyasu Tomoe
Designed by: Sano Toshihide
Character type: Imouto/otaku-type heroine

Princess Maple is introduced to Hachiouji Kenichi during the first day of the summit, as the princess of the Cosmos kingdom. Kenichi classifies her as the "Japanese-type princess" due to her choice of clothing. Her speech pattern is strangely a "mismatch" for her status as a princess, seeing that she speaks like a samurai from a jidaigeki film (including stereotypical things like ending her sentences with "de gozaru").

Kenichi at first sees Maple as a strangely curious girl who, unlike the other princesses, is not intimidated by the reputation of the prince our protagonist is impersonating. Aside from that, she seems to be enthusiastic towards being chosen to be the bride of the prince, and has apparently done research to meet those ends.

Unlike her "rivals", Maple figures out on her own that Kenichi is not the crown prince, but instead a boy from a different world (or as she refers to him, "a prince from another world"). This is just testimony to her notably high intellect, complimented by her ability to figure out the intricacies of any situation or scenario within seconds. Kenichi himself notes in the data notebook he keeps on the princesses that Maple has or is close to having genius-level intellect.

This same intellect, combined with her talents as a fast learner eventually lead to her developing a very strong interest in the otaku culture, specially once she follows our protagonist back to his original world and discovers "anime", "manga", and "doujinshi". Should Kenichi choose her, their honeymoon destination turns out to be what Maple calls the "holy land" in, the holy land of otaku, Akihabara.

On a side note, yes, all girls outside of Juliette, Etsuko and Tetsuko are named after things that go with coffee...

That's it for today.

-Moroboshi Yuumei
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