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Random Rant: Deep thoughts...

Since I am incredibly bored at the moment, I should bore everyone else with some stuff I've been thinking about recently. Know that it'll follow the infamous blog style, so you'll know what to expect.

- New-Gen consoles: As expected, the opinion on this is generally 50/50. The way I see it is that the companies are being stupid since there has been no significant advancement in technology to harbor a new console. Also, the GC and box have not been fully "broken in", making the need for a new console moot. I would have waited until 2007 or 2008 before thinking about a new console, especially since the GC, Xbox and PS2 have few (if any) memorable titles. Also, the fact that the PS2 and Box are becoming basically desktop PC's that can play console games makes it obvious that their ability to run games will be inferior. The PS2 is testimony to this.

- Tenacious D and gaming: An interesting trend that I've been witness to is that in Japan music for games and anime is being left to one or two-man performing groups, which was the case with Groover, who hired the unit named milktub to do the music for Green Green and its sequels. TerraLunar picked up on it as well when they hired Rock'n'Banana to do the music for Rakuen. Having said that, the idea came to me that maybe a company smart enough to try it could hire Tenacious D to do the music for a game. It could be an ero game or even something completely far from it. I feel it would work because their style of composition isn't bad, and it would certainly be a nice change of pace for the industry. Would be interesting to see that happen, but only time will tell.

- Akane Maniax: I wrote a review on this, but again, afterthoughts are helpful. I admit that while a lot of people dislike the OVA/game, I found the setting to be fascinating because it was a crossover in a deeper sense than normal. One of the best ways to explain it would be to go through the chronology of the series. As many know, Akane was a background character from Kimi ga nozomu eien, the younger sister of the lead female, Suzumiya Haruka. While Haruka was in her three-year coma, Akane had actually trusted Narumi Takayuki (the main character from KimiNozo), hoping that his dedication to Haruka would make things better in the end. Of course, Akane's hopes were dashed when it became obvious to her that Narumi stopped coming to visit her sister, which is how she found out he and Mitsuki were having an affair (she found them in bed). This, I guess, did several things to Akane. It instilled a natural distrust for people (since Mitsuki was her sister's best friend), which also explains why she tends to keep her distance from everyone else. At the same time, it shattered her idea of what relationships and love are about, since in what she has seen first-hand, love and bonds bring only pain. With all the "real" and complicated build up to Akane, Gouda Jouji was thrown at her. The fact that he is completely surreal by KimiNozo standards is what brings about a clash between the idealistic (optimistic?) facade of love and bonds that Jouji has with the "real", painful concept of the aforementioned Akane has developed. If Jouji had been a different type of character, his ideas on love and such would easily be called phony. However, due to his being overly surreal, these idealistic views take on a genuine stance. I think this is why in the game Kouzuki-sensei seems to root for Jouji, while in the anime Chizuru does the same. I guess that both see that Jouji's surreal qualities can help Akane recover from whatever it is that has kept her in that shell she created for herself. Whether they do end up together or not is moot, since either way Jouji accomplishes the purpose for which he was created (since in the game she flat out shoots him down). Whether it'll be the same in the OVA, we won't know until August, when the concluding episode of the OVA comes out (titled "Saraba, ai shiki Jouji yo", a parody of Sakura Taisen 5 "Saraba, ai shiki hito yo").

That's it for today. Existance is a tough little grind, but we make it through just fine, it seems. Anyway, that's my two cents on the matter.

-Moroboshi Yuumei

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