Moroboshi Yuumei (moroboshiyuumei) wrote,
Moroboshi Yuumei

Quickies (part 1)

I am overly bored right now, and since I feel too tired to write a full review, I will post quickies of several things I have been witness to recently.


Melty Blood - Anyone who has been talking to me knows how much I've come to appreciate this game. This is also one of the few fighting games in existance that has an actual storyline, and uses a ton of background in order to get the point accross. Melty Blood is set in the Tsukihime universe, and as such, many of the characters from Tsukihime and Kagetsu Touya are involved and playable. The game engine certainly borrows a lot from the quick paced games like Capcom's VS series and Guilty Gear. Ironically, while Tsukihime and Kagetsu Touya lacked voices, the characters in MeruBura are voiced, and well voiced at that. Seeing that the game has become a landmark as far as doujin fighting games go, and Sega-Sammy has taken an interest in the MeruBura games (since they retuned the game and placed in all over arcades in Japan under the title Melty Blood: Act Cadenza), I will not surprise me if MeruBura hits the consoles sometime in the future. While Type-Moon et al has moved on from Tsukihime into bigger and better things *coughFate/Stay Nightcough*, the impact from Tsukihime is still too recent for this franchise to be forgotten.

Ane To BOIN - So, being incredibly bored, I decided to write something about this truly mediocre game that borders on bad based on just how lame the scenario is along with the overall lack of effort G.J? has put into this game. Ane to BOIN is the third game released by a still budding company called Good.Job? (AKA G.J?), which had a great start with their first title, Akibakei Kanoujo, and moved into the darker aspects of the human mind with Futago no Haha Seihonou. Taking note of the improvement from just Akibakei to FutaHaha, one would expect them to be getting better...then they released AneBo. The game has a main chartacter who is caught in a sex-crazed fray between his ten alleged (as in they don't know if they're related by blood) older sisters. That's pretty much the whole premise, and (much to my chagrin) it manages to stay with this pointless and mediocre theme throughout. The way the characters are structured tell me G.J? has been keeping concepts for female lead characters somewhere in storage, and someone had the brilliant idea of combining them all into one game, no matter how out of place one might be when placed with the next (and seriously, several of the girls could have had games of their own). The CG is basically only ero scenes, the music is hideously sub par, especially when placed next to FutaHaha (which was a huge improvement as far as music goes). The only thing that wowed me was that one of the girls was a lesbian, but then again, you place a lesbian in an ero game setting with a male main character, we can tell you're asking for trouble.

I think that's it for now. I'll think of something else later... >.>

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